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Occultism Unleashed

My missions is to demystify the occult, provide accurate information and reliable resources to empower seekers on their personal spiritual journey. (YOU’LL LEARN The REAL about MAGICK W/OUT THE B.S.)

While I enjoy helping others become aware of their power and guiding them within their journey. I look am really looking forward to shattering false concepts about magick, the occult and many of the conspiracies that perpetuate a narrative of FEAR and powerlessness.

I went to prison at 16 for murder and spent 15 years there. If I can transform my life and benefit from my awareness of my spiritual power ANYONE CAN.

If you are curious about #magick #astrology #physicalpower #divination #tarot #spirits magickal books #healing #meditation #mysticism or the #occult in general please feel free to ask!

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